Mobile stored value . mobile shopping


Mobile stored value , , mobile shopping, , mobile wallet integration applications.


For exclusive digital membership , online value storage shopping will be more convenient,


Business loyalty , stored value points shopping once in place,


Through the integrated application of physical cards and digital membership cards,


Allows you to accurately review members' various consumer linkages.


A circular feedback that produces a series of consistent consumptions



The benefits of the " APP"

  • Interactive real-time zero , quick feedback is fine

  • From time to time information updates to inform consumers of business      trends

  • Smart management of brand marketing, naturally enhance member loyalty

  • Reduce cost , focus on direct marketing

  • Combined with the membership , feedback flows directly

  • iOS/Android platform , brand global exposure

Using the right software, with more than a decade of professional hardware and software systems integration technology team,

Able APP will tailor the most suitable solutions and services for you.

there is another development method that is more suitable for quick launch, which is to use the RWD mobile version for online shopping, and you can buy goods in the store immediately after the value is stored.

 This is the member stored-value shopping system that can be used more quickly than developing an app system.

 RWD mobile membership system, with fast development time, good scalability, easy to change the layout, is the most in line with the economic needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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